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How to say Hello to every South African

Say "Hello" in all 11 official South African languages English will reach less than 10% of South Africans in their home language. The first thing every South African should learn at school is how to say "hello" to every other South African they'll meet. It's not so hard. You'll need to learn eight new words. IsiZulu and Siswati share "Sawubona"; Sesotho, Sepedi and Setswana share "Dumela"; and you already know how to say hello in English.  English Hello Afrikaans Goeiedag IsiNdebele Lotjha isiXhosa Molo IsiZulu Sawubona Siswati Sawubona Sesotho Dumela Sepedi        Dumela Setswana Dumela Tshivenḓa ♂Ndaa / ♀Aa Xitsonga Avuxeni Those are the basics. Most South African languages also have different greetings for depending on the time of the day or when meeting or saying goodbye to groups or individual people. Click on any of the languages below to get dedicated resources for the